Thursday, April 3, 2014

Healthy and Happy

If you could choose between being the weight you are right now for the rest of your life no matter how much or little you exercise and eat well or be able to loose weight by working hard but also run the risk of gaining weight what would you choose? Sometimes I ponder this while in the middle of a hard workout.

I read an article my cousin Whitney posted on Facebook about how we judge a woman’s body based on weight and BMI and how inaccurate that is(read it here, its worth the read.) The world has made a ideal women (tall, skinny, flat chested) that is unrealistic. Health and beauty is so much more than a number on a scale. I have always thought that I believe this and that would never fall into the trap of comparing my body to others. And I mostly don’t.

I have worked really hard to get back into shape since having Nellie. I walk about 30 miles a week, run up and down stairs at the park and eat healthy. But I haven’t been able to get back to the weight I was before I had her. I have about 15 pounds that don’t seem to want to go away. And it has been bugging me. And it bugs me that it bugs me.

I have an amazing body that does everything I need it to. I can run and chase my kids. I can enjoy hiking. I can lift heavy boxes and put them on the top shelf in the garage. I have a strong heart that keeps my blood pumping. There aren’t any activities that I want to do that I can’t because my body isn’t in good enough shape. The only reason I want to loose more weight is because I think I will look better.

And when I type that out it feels ridiculous. What do I want to look like? Do I think I should look like the 19 year old girl I was before I had kids? Do I think I should look like the woman who loves exercise and has 2 hours a day to workout and be super slim and toned? Should I look like the lady who is naturally skinny and probably always will be?

me on the beach

I want to be happy looking like me. Like a busy mom who likes to exercise but doesn’t always have enough time. Like someone who eats healthy but likes to have an ice cream cone with her kids occasionally. Like someone who is strong and happy with the amazing body she has been given.

I am going to keep exercising and eating healthy, but I am going to try and do it more for the right reasons. I will walk in the morning because it gives me more energy and makes the rest of my day better. I will drink green smoothies because I like them and its is an easy way to get in veggies and nutrients I need to be healthy. I might loose some more weight. I might not and I am going to try really hard not to care.

Does anyone else struggle with this? How can we help women and girls care more about being healthy and strong rather than worrying about a number on a scale? What do you do to be happy with what you look like right now?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am alive


Since my last post I have:

1. Had a baby! Nellie was born April 9th.

2. Painted the master bathroom ( technically Michael did but I picked the color,)

3. Planted a garden and ate food from my garden.

4. Started exercising three mornings a week at the new Provo Rec center.

5. Got a flat tire and had some friendly firemen fix it for me.

G. Rowed a boat on Payson Lakes.

5 1/2. Made a delicious chocolate, nutella, strawberry cake for Father’s Day.

Q. Went camping at Payson Lakes.

6. Went to Yellowstone with the Crevistons.

7. Went camping at Warm River Campground in Idaho with the Thompsons.

8. Fell in a river and bashed up my leg.

9. Read a bunch of books and went to a few book clubs.

10. Visited most of the parks in Provo with my kids.

11. Found the perfect healthy muffin recipe. Whole wheat chocolate zuchinni.

12. Had my first pedicure ever. I think I will do it again.

13. Got to have my good friend Kristin, who I hadn’t seen in four years, stay at my house for a night.

14. Worked on a secret sewing project with Darcy and helped her learn how to sew.

15. Taken 5 kids to 7 peaks.

16. Gotten several really annoying swollen taste bugs.

17. Bought a Maya baby sling and decided I like it much better than the Moby baby wrap.

18. Used up all my homemade laundry soap. I need to make some more before I can do laundry again.

19. This morning a pulled weeds in the flower bed in front of my house.

And now we are back up to date. I feel like I am getting back in my groove after having Nellie so I may post more often. Here are a few pictures of the last few months.



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My kitchen

I am finally getting around to posting before and after pictures of my kitchen. Back in August my carpenter brother-in-law Chris started redoing our kitchen. I think we finished everything in September. We did, new cabinet doors, crown molding, he repainted everything and put on new hinges. He also added a new shelf. He replaced the counter tops and helped us put up a tile back splash. A few weeks after we finished it the kitchen let fell off the ceiling, probably in protest of being left out of the remodel so we replaced it too.  Last week Michael finally got around to putting the sealer on the grout. With out further ado, the before pictures.


The people who fixed up our house before we bought did the paint bomb approach to everything they painted. They painted over hinges, spiders or what ever was in the way. The kitchen was the worst. It had some really big drips they just let dry that way.


The countertops were very blue and had a nice bare burned spot you can see at the end by the phone.


They also didn’t use paint that was meant for kitchens, so the cupboards got dirty fast and didn’t wipe clean very easily. I thought about sanding everything down, painting and replacing hardware myself. I’m glad I didn’t. It would have been a lot of work and not turned out nearly as nice as Chris did it. Here are the after pictures.


After saying I was going to make curtains for several months I finally gave in and bought some. It was hard to find some that matched. You can see the extra shelves Chris added at the end of the counter. It is nice to have a spot for a pencil basket and a few decorations.


Here is a close up of the tile back splash and counter tops. I love how they match so well. I almost didn’t use the smaller mosaic tiles because they were more expensive. I am glad I did because it turned out so good.


Here is the backsplash behind our stove. Michael and Chris did the backsplash on a Saturday while Emily was working and I watched the kids.


A closer view of the cabinets. Chris did a dry brush finish, which I love. It is a little more rustic looking, which I know not everyone likes, but I think it looks great here. The crown molding finishes everything off nicely and makes it look a bit fancier.

It is a little embarrassing to admit how long it took me to remember to take after pictures when my kitchen was actually clean enough for me to be willing to show pictures of it to other people. So that’s my new kitchen. Sometimes I I just sit at my dining room table and admire how nice it looks now. Updating the kitchen has been on my list since we moved in but has always been delayed by things like a new roof or water heater. It was fun to work on a project that was just to make something prettier not to fix a serious problem.

Our spring projects are going to be redoing the kitchen floor and putting shelving in all the kids closets, hopefully before there is another newborn in the house. We will see if that happens. I’m so glad I have a handy carpenter brother-in-law. Thanks Chris for my new kitchen!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crazy January

January is shaping up to be even busier than December was. I am blaming in on all my boys having a birthday this month. Yesterday was the last birthday so I thought it would calm down but it doesn’t seem like it will. Tonight I have a meeting for the family history committee , Wednesday Michael has to spend the evening at the Church, Thursday I am hosting a book club, Friday some good friends are coming over for a game night and Saturday we are taking the kids to a monster truck show. I also have something going on in the day everyday this week that either requires me to babysit someone's kids or someone to babysit my kids.

All the things that are keeping me busy are good things, but it sure wears me out. I always feel a little guilty when I go to bed an hour before Michael and he gets up an hour before me. Remembering that he sits at a desk 8 a hours a day instead of chasing kids around helps ease the guilt a little bit. Theoretically things should calm down in February after Stephen gets baptized.

I had a few ideas about some things I could blog about on my blog, all of which I forgot as soon as I sat down to write. So I guess this is it for now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For your entertainment


Michael found our engagement pictures on a CD  last night. They made me laugh. Check out Michael’s smile and his awesome glasses.  I look about 15 years old in these pictures, which I suppose isn’t that far off from the truth. Michael is wearing his church shirt because at the time we were engaged he had about 7 shirts which consisted of faded polo shirts that were too big, a BYU computer science shirt and his white button up church shirt.

malad-pass 008 (1)

Another great thing about our engagement pictures? They were taken at a rest stop in Malad Idaho. Michael and I were not a very demanding couple. Didn’t we look happy?


Nine years later, I have lost the bangs, and Michael has some new glasses. And I think we still look pretty happy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I would love to have a beautiful voice. But I don’t. I have a small range and I have a very hard time singing a part if it isn’t the melody. I would not be able to sing a C if someone asked me to. I might be able to if they played the note first for me. No one has ever suggested that I join the choir.

Last night I went to a relief society activity that had a program about the women in the life of Jesus. There were some beautiful musical numbers. I think music has the ability to touch peoples hearts faster than any other medium. I know jealousy is not a good think but I have always been envious of people with beautiful voices.

I don’t really have any performable talents. I don’t sing or play a musical instrument well. I can’t dance or act or tell funny jokes. I am not a great artist. I can think of things to write about but it rarely comes out how I would like. My philosophy with photography is to take a bunch of pictures and hope one turns out nice. I don’t excel at any sports. I know that not everyone has obvious talents but sometimes I think it would be nice to have one. I think it would be nice to be able to perform a beautiful piece of music, or take credit for a beautiful piece of art.

Having an obvious talents makes it easier to define people. That’s Sally, she is a great cook and has a beautiful voice. Joe writes amazing poetry and is great at soccer. It is harder to say who you are when you don’t have something like that. I am Katie-Beth and I am ok at a lot of things but not really excellent at anything.

I am a happy person. And I know that I am good at a lot of things. But sometimes it takes a lot of effort, to remind myself that the less visible talents are just as important and valuable even if they are not as recognizable.  I am really good at budgeting. I can read aloud well and read very fast. I can look at a picture of something crafty and figure out how to make it. I can take care of four kids and help them become good people. I am good at research and know how to look up things on microfilm. I can wrap a baby up in a blanket nice and snug so they look like a little baby burrito. I can pick up things with my toes. I am a good friend. I can make yummy food for a family of picky eaters. I can brush things off easily and rarely get mad.

These are good talents to have. I can use them to help other people and they make my life more enjoyable. If I take the time to think about it I would have to say that these talents are probably more useful and bring me more joy than a more obvious talent like having a beautiful voice or being able to do a back flip would.  Knowing this it is still hard not to be a little jealous when I see peoples other peoples talents.

I may not be able to sing but I play battleship amazingly well.


This picture doesn’t really have to do with the post but I like how it turned out.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I feel like my house is getting to that point where I either need to get rid of a bunch of stuff or go crazy. It seems like every room has an excess of stuff it, especially the kids rooms. And thinking about adding more stuff to our house through all the birthdays and Christmas we have coming up makes me feel like undertaking a serious purge of unnecessary things.

Figuring out what is unnecessary is the tricky part though. Which unfinished projects have a realistic chance of being finished? How many pie pans do you keep around when you only make pie a few times a year but when you do it is usually 3 for 4 at once? How many tubs of kid clothes do you keep when you still have kids growing in to them but you are running out room store any more? Which books do you get rid of when you can’t fit anymore on your shelf?

I know compared to a lot of houses I have been in my house really isn’t very cluttery, but for some reason the clutter I do have has really been bugging me.

Another challenge to clutter is finding the time to get rid of it. If you try to de-clutter a kids room while the kid is around suddenly all the things they never play with become their favorite toy. And for ever closet that is cleaned out there is a mess that has to be cleaned up and a few bags of stuff that need to me gotten rid of.

But I don’t think there are many things I enjoy more that looking at a freshly decluttered room or closet. So I am going to try and go through my house in the next few weeks and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Wish me luck!